The workforce is continually transforming. Due to the aging Baby Boomer generation and the rapid growth of innovative technology, companies are becoming more vigilant than ever in the recruitment process for great talent. Especially in such a concentrated city such as San Francisco, company recruiters must be highly-skilled and trained. People from all over the world come to work in the attractive hub of innovation that is San Francisco. Due to the overwhelming supply of exceptional and qualified candidates, having to sift through these large pools of applicants is no easy task. So many candidates look great on a resume but finding the talent that fits a company’s culture best is the most important criteria a recruiter should be on the lookout for.

Why is it so important for businesses to recruit candidates who will fit in with the culture of the company? Because that is how you retain workers. The Millennial Generation is a group of individuals that value innovation and collaboration. They grew up during a period of economic boom and technological advances, and with a mindset that meaningful work can be more valuable than job stability. So when employees find that going to work is meaningful, challenging, and a place where they enjoy coming to work every day, then employees will be more likely to be high performers and be successful in helping a company continually transform and grow next to a changing society. Thus, it is essential that the company’s recruiter is the person who knows the company’s culture inside and out, in order so that a company can most efficiently maximize its recruitment efforts.

One of the best recruiting practices to maximize your recruiting efforts is to host a recruiting event. Recruiting events are designed to help you promote your company, demonstrate what your company has to offer, and even interview potential candidates. At a recruiting event, you have the opportunity to engage with potential candidates and get to know them outside of a formal and often, uptight interview setting. Recruiting events also serve to relieve pressure off of the candidates because it is no longer a traditional one-on-one setting. Most importantly, meeting a job seeker in person can yield better returns on your recruiting efforts because it saves time and money for your company. Job seekers will come to you, as long as you effectively promote your recruiting event through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Eventbrite. You also save time because at a recruiting event, you can use tactics like speed networking and interviewing to meet all the potential candidates. Imagine if you had to coordinate a separate meeting time with each and every one of them. That would be very inefficient. To sum it up, recruiting events help you efficiently utilize your time and produce great results.

To attract the best, and most fitting candidates to your recruiting event, be sure to define the kind of talent that you want to attract. Someone who is very talented in one aspect may not necessarily be the best fit for your company because one company’s needs may be different from another’s. Having a clear image of the kind of talent you are recruiting for will help you weed out candidates that don’t fit your criteria. Even a simple posting of what types of jobs you are recruiting for will help you weed out unqualified candidates and narrow down to a smaller, and more qualified pool of candidates.

Utilizing the method that will best maximize your recruiting efforts is very important because each person you hire is a big investment. For a profit-maximizing business, investments must be yield a good expected rate of return in order for it to be a worthwhile investment. And in a city like San Francisco, you have the opportunity to attract some of the brightest minds in the world. So as you decide what recruiting method is most fitting for your company, I encourage you to reflect on your company values and company culture.