We often hear that owning an RV is a luxury, living in an RV is a luxurious lifestyle, and having an RV is not for everyone. But things are different now. Now, owning an RV is easier than ever. It became a form of luxury to a more approachable means to a change of lifestyle.

But that’s not the only thing that’s changed. More and more current RV users and potential owners tend to think differently about having an RV. They think of it as a means for a business startup. Many potential business owners think of RV as a new form of office from the common physical business location- a modern and moving office.

That’s the reason why it’s not surprising anymore if we get to see more RV-based business becoming popular these days. However, the question is: why are these businesses flourishing? What’s in the change of method and the usage of RVs that makes it popular?

The Benefits Of Starting An RV-Based Business

Before we jump into explaining the benefits of starting an RV-based business, we should first consider that an RV-based business is not a new thing. However, it’s getting more traction and attention from many potential business owners now, surprising as RV-based business is already present even before.

RV business started from the usual RV rentals. Business owners who have a decent amount of money started buying RVs and rented them out to pay for the monthly repayments. That’s the usual RV business. But things took a great turn when few people realized that they could start a business inside their RVs.

These people are usually RVers for years. They have been down the road, driving on their RVs, and started to create ideas to continue living on the road when they had a business to run and support their needs. With this simple idea, RV-based business surprisingly started to get popular.

But why start an RV-based business? What benefits can you gain from it?

To simply lay out the benefits of having a business in your RV, the simple answer would be: you don’t need to leave your home to raise money. But to get a more concrete answer, here are the few benefits of an RV-based business.

No physical location required, no monthly dues, but…

The good thing about starting an RV-based business is that there are no more physical location monthly rents. But, here’s the caveat, instead of paying for the monthly rent, you need to pay for your RV’s monthly repayments.

However, there’s another catch on this. If you already paid full for your RV, no more extra expenses will go to repayments, but instead, everything falls to maintenance expenses only.

And if you work with a trusted RV financing such as My Financing USA, you can settle things without a problem. Their team can work with your financial situation and get you into the details of how you can repay your RV the soonest.

Work anywhere, everywhere.

This concept is what made every potential RV business owner want to start their line of business. The concept of living a carefree lifestyle and also starting a business that feeds and helps with your finances is a dream of many. It’s bringing your business and dreams together. You can still go to places you want while running your business and working on your finances

Low startup expenses.

One thing that’s holding back any business owner is the business startup expenses: the capital. But if you’re running a business in your RV, you minimize that cost. You already eliminated the monthly office rent, the fare expenses, and the labor fee.

If you’re running a pop-up coffee shop or pastry shop, you only need to pay for the space rent fee or the RV parking fee for some camping grounds. Also, maintaining an RV is much more considerable than sticks and bricks office when it comes to maintenance.

Freelancing is the new trend.

We bet you have already heard the trend of freelancing, and it’s no wonder why many RVers are taking this route as well. It’s living with a good work-life balance. Also, many RVers are getting into this kind of work. It’s less hassle, convenient, and pays a decent salary. For many RVers, freelancing is the best kind of job to get into when you’re in an RV. You only need a laptop, secure an Internet connection, and get ready to attend to your clients while watching a pretty sunset. Plus, you’re the boss. You call the shots.

The Pandemic’s Effect

The world has been turned upside down during the pandemic, and every industry has suffered a tremendous loss. Despite all this, RV businesses are still flourishing, and many more are popping up like daisies in the snow. Here are a few reasons why we think this RV Business trend will continue despite the pandemic.

RV Business Still Continues

Even with the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, many RV businesses still continue. Many pop-up shops can still cater to their customers by following a no-contact policy. The customers can pick up all orders through a window, and the customers can wire payments through bank payments.

RV Rentals Are Booming

RV rentals will continue to boom, and an increase in sales is expected as many customers will look for a way to safely travel outside while securing safe accommodation. According to RVshare spokeswoman Maddi Bourgerie, reservations have climbed 331% last April and continue to increase up to 30% the second week in May. RVshare is dubbed by many clients as the “Airbnb of RV Rentals” and is popular for many potential RVers in the West.


Starting a business in an RV is not a new thing anymore. However, it’s surprising that it’s getting more attention now. Even more so, it saw an increase in popularity when the pandemic hit the globe. More people are looking to rent or buy an RV, which has opened more opportunities for many RV rentals and more potential for an increase in RVers starting a business on their own RVs. The industry will continue to flourish, and they are in a good position even if the market faces a crisis.

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