Looking to Grow Your Law Firm with SEO that helps attract potential clients?

When your potential clients are searching for legal services, does your law firm show up in Google Searches? Is your law firm one of the first listed on Google or other search engine websites? Are there Call To Actions on your law practice’s website?

The above mentioned are some of the key points in building a good online presence and branding. Moreover, Search Engine Optimization is an important step for law firms to continue to build and maintain their brands.

Here are some basic but critical rules when carrying out your SEO strategies:

law firm marketing

Law Firm SEO Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Keep Learning about Google’s algorithm:

Understand the trend or fundamentals of Google’s algorithm will give you a guidance and general guideline on how to create your website.

Finding the right resource:

The technology you are using should be able to track or evaluate your progress or SEO status.


law firm SEO Strategies

Using the right Keyword:

Consider purchasing the right keywords, which drive the search traffic to your website. The terms might be “Bay Area immigration lawyer”, “Personal Injury Lawyers in San Francisco”. Use the words people will type in the search engine and also what your expertise is in.


Generating content written by professionals such as lawyers, paralegals, or JDs for your law firm. Create the blogs for your potential clients with informative contents. This will drive traffic to your website and also retain your current traffic.


After knowing the directions, make sure you have the resource or team to carry out the plan accordingly. One of the important aspect of a successful SEO plan is to be consistent, persistent and put the effort in maintaining it.

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law firm SEO Strategies

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