New companies arrive at the Internet every day. More and more entrepreneurs want to explore the digital space and make their online presence more prominent. Unfortunately, it means that competition becomes more brutal. Ranking algorithms are already highly complex, and they are still developing.

You must adjust your strategy and learn new effective ways to promote the resource. This article will give you some insights on the best tricks to improve the SEO of a company in 2023.

Create a Net

A famous backlink agency from the USA reminds us that from Google’s point of view, links to your resource determine the weight of your online presence. The algorithm evaluates the number of links, the trustworthiness of the source, and its relevance. If you check all these boxes, your ranking will grow immediately.

Internal links are great for increasing the time users spend on your pages. Make sure that each article leads to two or three related posts. This tactic stimulates visitors to surf your site to get more information.

Use Effective Instruments

Technologies are not your enemy. It can take a lot of work to keep up to date with all new SEO tools and useful programs. But constant learning is the key to success. You need to master the existing instruments and check new ones from time to time. If you use Linux OS, you can read about available tools on Instruments compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS are well-known, and you’ll quickly find tons of information about them.

Concentrate on UX

What is the meaning of SEO for business website marketing? It’s the attraction of as many visitors as possible. But if your site is not optimized, the pages load slowly, and the navigation is inconvenient; this traffic is useless. You must ensure users like your resource and spend enough time on the pages to see your offer.

Moreover, search engines track visitors’ satisfaction signals and consider them in ranking. For example, you lose your rating if the visitor immediately leaves your site. On the contrary, if a user stays for a long time, you increase the score. So, make the resource as user-friendly as possible and monitor the visitors’ activity. It helps to make adjustments and improve your performance.

Rewrite Your Content

Improvements of the existing content are one of the affordable SEO for business owners tricks. With the help of the tool you prefer, find the posts that aren’t popular. Analyze them and think of ways of improvement. Maybe users can’t find these posts, and you need to add some links. Perhaps the content itself needs revision.

Don’t give up on posts with poor performance. Instead, use them to spot weaknesses in your SEO tactic and learn how to improve them. It’ll give you valuable experience and knowledge.

Consider Your Company Specifics

One of the best small business SEO tips is making your company look unique. Don’t copy the strategy of your competitors; make something special. Also, remember about your field specifics. They influence the SEO approach greatly. For example, if your business is region specific, concentrate on geolocation keywords and include a map on the site.

Check this page to see an example of a field-specific SEO approach. You’ll get the idea and be able to translate the strategy to your specific field.

Engage the Visitors

We already mentioned user experience. Now, it’s time to talk about engagement. What can you do to make the content more engaging?

  • take care of the visual part: use small paragraphs, sub-headers, and bullet points to make text easy to read;
  • use all types of information presentation: infographics, pictures, videos, etc.;
  • answer the comments and provide additional information users need;
  • insert links to relevant and trustworthy resources.

These simple steps will show Google that you provide real value for visitors, and your ranking will increase.

Use New Trends

The share of mobile users grows with rocket speed. So you have to optimize the resource and make it mobile-friendly. Now it’s time to focus on another trend: voice search. Pay attention to the FAQ section because half the users formulate their voice requests as questions.

Add geolocation keys to make the search more precise. Also, make sure users can find any part of the site using voice search. This simple measure will increase your traffic dramatically.


As you can see, orientation toward mobile users and user experience are still significant trends in SEO. So if you didn’t make the site mobile-friendly, it’s time to do it now.

SEO, just like any other area of the Internet, constantly develops. You can’t accept one strategy and follow it without adjustments. Make sure you learn new trends and tendencies, use power tools, and analyze your resource performance. This way, you’ll always be on top, and your site will get the highest ranking.

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