With the rise of social media as a primary way for people to communicate with one another, businesses have begun to take advantage of this in several ways.  Many people assume that a career in social media is easy and involves using Twitter and Instagram all day. While these platforms are part of the job, they are not the only part of it. A 2013 article published on Forbes points out that although many people use social media, there are different aspects to consider. From change to marketing, here are four things to expect from a career in social media.


Although it is closely related to digital advertising, social advertising is a unique format. To create a successful advertising campaign on social media involves many different steps. You will need to know the best locations to place your ads, as well as develop ways to collect data on those ads. This will allow you to change the ads as needed. It is also important to use how to use a variety of social media platforms to help increase the recognition of the company and their products. Whether working towards an online business degree or a traditional one, marketing and social media are more closely linked than ever.

Customer Service

The Forbes articles raised an interesting point; customer service is still key. Having staff who listen and respond thoughtfully to customers, and who can see potential problems before they even arise, is just as critical to every aspect of business as it always was. When working with social media, it is important to maintain a high level of customer service, while also working to make the ads as user-friendly and creative as possible.


One important part of a career in social media is the management piece of the puzzle. Regardless of your specific position, this is something that you will encounter at least occasionally. The management piece involves designing an advertisement campaign that brings people in and increases sales. Often broken down into the position of social media manager, this is a skill that is best learned through business administration classes. Rutgers Online offers an online bachelors in business administration, a degree that will teach you the little details about working to manage social media ads on a professional level.


There is something else that you can count on if you embark on a career in social media. There will be changes. It is important to remain flexible and open to new ideas because as social media changes, so will the ways that people react to the advertisements there. As someone who is advertising for your company, it is critical that your ad campaigns grow and adapt to those changing times.

By working in social media, who knows? You may be able to influence change in social media and the ways that people use it. From customer service to marketing, there are many different things to expect while working in social media. A bachelors in business online can help you chart a path through this changing field.

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