Nowadays, it is not only people who have a responsibility to safeguard and protect the environment. Businesses, in fact,can have an even biggerimpact on the environment around them, considering that they are biggerenterprises that use more natural resources as a whole.

Adopting a more sustainable approach will benefit the world around you, the people, and of course,it will change the way people view youin the first place. For instance, how often does your company reduce, reuse and recycle? What are the energy efficient alternatives that it has set up within the office space? Have you ever considered getting an energy audit? 

These tips, as well as the overall benefit for the environment, will be outlined in greater detail below. 

The Three R’s

How your company chooses to reduce, reuse and recyclewill furthermore tremendously impact the environment at large. After all, it’s only natural that your organization will use a lot of resources on a daily basis. It has a lot of employees to account for, and each one of those individuals also has to learn the 3 Rsof sustainability. 

You can start by ensuring there are separate bins dependingon what garbage needs to be thrown out.

Energy Efficient Alternatives 

There are a number of energy efficient alternatives that will benefit the business and the environment alike.

For starters, have you thought about adopting solar panels? It’s not only people’s residences that will benefit from using residential solar panels. Considering that companies have even largerbills to pay for a particularoffice space, this will furthermore reduce the cost of those monthly bills. You can read more about solar panels on


Get an Energy Audit 

There are countless benefits to becoming a sustainable business, and getting an energy audit done is an easy way to ensure that every corner and crevice of your office is utilizing eco-friendly appliances. 

Thiswill even include the toilets, the fridge, or the kitchen toaster that is foundin the office. All of these appliances use a certain amount of energy, but there is also always an eco-friendly alternative,if you simplylook for it. 

The importance of having an expert point these out to you is due to the fact that you likely may not even know what it is that consumes the most amount of energy in the office space, and thus what needs to be changed.

Benefits for the Environment 

The most important reason for adopting an eco-friendly approach is the benefits for the environment at large. This will impact animal ecosystems, forests, and it will ensure that future generations will also have access to the world’s natural resources.

At the end of the day, people will always better receive a company that chooses to be more sustainable. However, this is hardly the biggest reason that you should chooseto be more eco-friendly. Think of it as your responsibility, given that you are operating a largerorganization within society. Moreover, it’s a matter of ethics, and you can certainly make a big difference to improve the life of people in the future. 

If you are a small business owner in the San Francisco Bay Area, Let Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. help make your office space a green office space by providing tips and tricks on how to become more sustainable. Our services don’t stop there: we can help with all small business needs, such as marketing, business consulting, advertising, streamlining operations, and more! Contact us today, or schedule a free consultation call here.

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