Channel letters are essentially signage made out of plastic or metal that is used on the exterior of stores, shops, or other public buildings. They are usually 3D letters that can be used lit or unlit, depending on the customer’s choice, and come in a wide array of colors, sizes and fonts, and shapes. They are highly customizable and hence flexible in terms of their production. 

Almost every business owner may be familiar with the versatility and benefits of channel letters. They are a great way to market your business, make your store stand out in a shopping center, attract foot traffic and convey your brand’s unique personality. If you are a new business hoping to spice up your store’s exterior, given below is everything you need to know about channel signage:

Benefits of Channel Letter Signage

As detailed above, channel letters pose several benefits for businesses, and three of the main ones are listed below:

1. They increase readability and add dimension

If your business is located on a busy street amongst a swarm of other stores, you may likely need to increase the chances of a potential customer finding your store sign and making their way inside. Channel letters improve the readability of your store name and add dimension to your exterior.

2 .They are an effective way of brand storytelling

Due to the immense choices they present businesses with, channel letters are a great way of conveying brand image and personality to the average customer. Irrespective of whether you are a tattoo parlor, a maternity clothes retailer, or a fast-food restaurant, you can find a design and style to match your brand.

3. They are cost-effective

Another great thing about channel letters is just how cost-effective they can be. Since they are made of durable plastic and metals, they have a long life. They also use LED bulbs in the lightning which makes them energy efficient and keeps your electricity bill low. They also are built to function in harsh weather and require little to no maintenance. 

Types of Channel Letter Signage

While channel letters exist in multiple styles, fonts and sizes, they are categorized in types based on the sort of lighting and mounting they use. Given below are the types of lights and mounts you can use on your store’s channel letters:

Different types of lighting in channel letters

Given below are all of the popular lighting styles in channel letter signage:

  1. Front-lit signage: This type of channel letter signage essentially lights up the store name using LED lighting. These feature a stainless steel body combined with plastic acrylic fronts that allow the LED light to be dispersed evenly. These tend to have a more serious outlook.
  2. Back-lit signage: This type of channel letter signage essentially lights up the store name by outlining the given letters. This creates a sort of a halo effect, and the letters hence appear to be rising ahead from the building. These tend to have a more luxurious and sophisticated outlook.
  3. Combination lighting: This type of channel letter signage essentially uses a combination of both front and back-lit signage which allows you to truly make a statement at your store’s exterior. By using a combination, you can showcase colors and textures in your channel letter signage.

Different types of mounting in channel letters

Given below two of the popular mounting styles in channel letter signage:

  1. Raceway mounted letters: In this type of mounting, the channel letters are first installed onto a raceway, which is then installed onto the actual structure. While it may be done this way for design purposes as well, the most usual reason is that the building owner wouldn’t want the structure to be damaged in any way, and penetrations into the wall will be minimized.
  2. Directly mounted letters: In this type of mounting, the channel letters are installed directly onto the building’s facade with their wiring and connection to a power source. This type of mounting appears much more sophisticated than raceway mounting but requires changes in the building’s facade. 


Channel letter signage is great for your business from multiple aspects, and the wide array of choices and options you have even makes the entire process fun. From conveying your brand story to attracting new crowds to your store or building, channel letters are value for money and can significantly contribute to the success of your business. 

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