Learn how to sell more products on Amazon in this helpful guide. 

Amazon has quickly become the go-to place to sell products. Naturally, because so many businesses have started to flood the Amazon marketplace, this had led to competition levels going through the roof. Now, if you want to sell a lot of products through Amazon and outperform your rivals, you need to be at the top of your game. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck at the bottom of the search rankings, which nobody wants to experience. 

You can grow your Amazon sales by following these simple, easy, and low-cost tips. 

1. Improve Your Amazon SEO 

If you want to give yourself a competitive edge, you should improve your Amazon SEO. Once you have a high-quality Amazon SEO marketing strategy in place, your products will start to shoot up the Amazon search results and attract more attention from customers. 

Think about when you search for a product yourself on Amazon. For example, candles. Usually, when the search results for candles appear on your screen, you only look through the first page, right? This is because the higher-ranking products are seen as more trustworthy and reliable by customers. Hence, Amazon SEO is important, as it ultimately helps your products rank higher, no matter what you’re selling. 

2. Use Social Media Influencers for Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to boost your Amazon sales. 

This works simply: you pay an influencer to advertise your products on their social media (e.g., Instagram). When they advertise your products, they will then provide their followers with links to your Amazon store. When this method works effectively, followers will click on the links and start buying your products — simple. 

Remember, social media influencers vary in price. For instance, if you were to hire a small influencer, such as someone with 50,000 Instagram followers, you’d be looking at somewhere between $100 and $500 per post. On the other hand, if you chose an influencer with over 1 million followers, then prices will generally start at $5,000 per post. 

3. Offer Fair Prices

One of the main reasons Amazon has become such a global force is its extremely low prices. When a customer looks for a product on Amazon, they (more often than not) expect it to be listed at a cheaper price than anywhere else. 

Taking this into account, you need to offer fair prices to customers. Of course, you don’t want to compromise your products, but competitive prices are important, especially if you’re a start-up looking to get off the ground. Then, over time, you can start to increase your prices as your reputation grows. 

4. Provide Customers With High-Quality Product Photos

High-quality product photos are absolutely key when it comes to selling on Amazon. 

When your product photos are high-quality, clear, and cover your products from all angles, it helps to convey trust. After all, if a seller on Amazon uses low-quality and pixelated photos, it screams ‘scam’, which is why most Amazon customers pay careful attention to product photos before making any purchases. 


Ready to grow your Amazon sales and experience more success? The tips above are all you need. From improving your Amazon SEO to providing high-quality product photos, make sure to tick each box for maximum results. 

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