First, we must know what marketing is.

Marketing and social media can be (and have proven to be) the difference between the success and failure of a Startup. Thinking of marketing as a tool to set up plans and strategies that can help us to develop our Startup is fundamental. This is all part of the marketing strategy, because your business plan starts from the inside, and then you can go out and reach customers, investors, and consumers.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a global system of activities related to the commercial world, aimed at planning, pricing, promoting, and distributing products or services that help to satisfy the needs of the end customer. Marketing refers to a whole set of strategies, methods, and techniques that aim to give value to certain brands so that the public and consumers take notice of them. Therefore, the objective of professionals in this area is not only to sell something, since marketing also has other purposes, such as making the brand acquire authority, gaining customer loyalty, providing valuable information to the public, or increasing awareness, among others.

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Marketing and social media can be the difference between a Startup that succeeds and a Startup that doesn’t succeed.

Marketing and social media in the early stages of your Startup is fundamental for the following reasons:

  • It gives you the ability to make yourself known with your market.
  • You can attract them and generate leads! They may even give you, their data.
  • If you engage with them through social networks, you could listen to their opinions and improve your product.
  • You can build a culture around your product and make it a successful Startup.
  • The most obvious: You can generate sales and fulfill your mission!

All this occupies different digital marketing tools. Such as social media, content creation, landing pages, business blogs, videos, and presentations. Things that will involve a lower investment than spectacular or some traditional marketing and that could help you more effectively reach your market.

Here are three good examples of success in the Bay area:

100+ San Francisco Pictures [Stunning] | Download Free Images on Unsplash

OpenAI-HQ: San Francisco, California, United States

PachamaHQ: San Francisco, California, United States

GrubMarket HQ: San Francisco, California, United States


When you have your Startup, it is important to have an expert on marketing and social media who can guide you through the process of growing a successful business. We recommend you find a top San Francisco Bay area marketing and consulting firm here on Piedmont Avenue we are available to answer any questions and guide you through the process.  

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