If you are a food and beverage business owner in the San Francisco bay area who is looking to expand internationally but don’t know where to start maybe you should consider attending South America’s main Food and Beverage Shows to explore new markets.

South America is home to three of the leading export markets of the Western Hemisphere for US goods and services, which are Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. After all, these countries have celebrated Free Trade Agreements with the United States which have helped the trade volume increase every year, in fact, according to the Office of the United States Trade Representative by 2019 trade with these markets accounted for a total of $73.3 Billion – Brazil ($42.9 billion), Chile ($15.7 billion), and Colombia ($14.7 billion).

So, exploring new markets in the region by either attending as an exhibitor or attendee to the main Food and Beverage Shows sounds like a good idea, some of these shows include: Alimentec (Colombia), Anufood (Brazil), and Espacio Food & Service (Chile).

Food Show

These events are usually held every 2 years in the capital of each country, and every edition thousands of final consumers, as well as, important companies within the food and beverage industry attend. These are great to get trade leads, establish new business relations and learn about the culture and current food trends. If you are thinking about being an exhibitor during next editions, it is also a good idea to hire a knowledgeable local business consultant to help you out navigate the event as smoothly as possible, and with no language barrier. 

For example, about 26.000 people attended Alimentec 2022, and trade deals closed between companies during the event were worth approximately $5 million. Moreover, the US pavilion was the main star of the event and impressed visitors with its great commercial exhibition, throughout the pavilion different States, Associations, Producers, and Companies showcased a variety of products such as: processed food, dairy products & ingredients, rice, legumes, apples, beef, pork, and chicken, peanuts, soybeans, snacks, a variety of seafood, and many more.

One of the American companies that caught the most attention was Elmhurst 1925, with its broad variety of plant-based beverages stealing everyone’s hearts and taste buds, the company was able to close representation deals with colombian importers, as well as, Food Service deals with coffee shop chains based in Bogotá.

Ready to explore these markets? Maybe your company could be the next in the US pavilion!

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