Did you know that South Korea is one of the top 3 most high-tech countries in the world? South Korea is the number 1 in the fastest Wi-Fi speed, with an average internet connection speed of 24.6 Mbps, whereas America ranked No. 14. South Korea also has the highest smartphone ownership rate. With 88% of the total population owner smartphone while the global average was just 43%. Today, we are going to discuss and recommend some of the top 5 Korean products that are needed in America.

1. Airport Robot Guides

Created by the renown LG company these robots guide the visitor to your gate and clean up the trash we make. With the capability of speaking four languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English. Without the hassle of queueing up to get your boarding pass scan, these robots are able to do their job. In addition, escorting visitors to their gate. This was the first launch during the Olympic winter game 2018. This product has not been seen around America.

2. Self-Driving Buses 

Made by Hyundai Motos, we may seen a lot of self-driving Google car around Palo Alto. However, there is definitely no self-driving buses that drive itself through a highway. South Korea is buliding a driveless future, they open a test city for self driving cars. Using 5G data network services, making it simlar to mobile devices and consume data like a smartphone.

3. Smartsuits

Created by Samsung a smart clothing for Olympic short track speed skaters with insights of their training. It has five sensors that deliver a real-time look of the wearer’s body position back to the coach’s smartphone, you can give a signal when they need to couch deeper.

4. Samsung 40-inch virtual holographic LCD

Showing a gigantic virtual space in a minute this holographic can be used to explain historic period, science fiction, and many more. This product has a lot of feature such as; touchscreen, and many more. This product is currently not being sold or distributed in the United States.

5. Kia Morning

Kia Morning compact car, this car is selling all around Asia, however, this is not selling in the U.S. This sporty car has a Kappa 1.3 MPI Engine, an automatic transmission. Especially in San Francisco, well known for having high slope and hills with this car it has a Hill assist control, and electronic stability control. For more information about this car, can be found at here.

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