As the year comes to an end, the business landscape of 2024 will be reshaped by a potent confluence of disruptive forces. Generative AI’s creative and problem-solving prowess will unlock hidden efficiencies, much like the unexpected strategies in games like live blackjack. To make this statement easier to read, let’s break it down into simpler, shorter sentences and use more straightforward language:

  1. “Sustainability is now much more than a popular topic. It’s becoming a key strategy, especially in creating AI models.”
  2. Quantum computing used to be only in science fiction. Now, it’s making incredible new things possible.”

This version uses easier words and shorter sentences. It’s simpler but still means the same thing.

Technology Magazine talks to big bosses at tech companies. They also chat with people from online gaming. Games like live blackjack are improving. They want to learn about the biggest new trends in 2024.

AI will take center stage, moving from theory to practice.

John Roese, top tech boss at Dell, thinks that GenAI will start being used for real, not talked about. He says it will change from learning and costing money to doing things and how much it costs to run.

He says, “GenAI has given us many excellent ideas about changing business and the world. Yet, there are few big real GenAI projects. As 2024 comes, we’ll start seeing GenAI in companies grow up. This will show us new things about GenAI that we didn’t know before.

A convergence of IT and security teams

Zeki Turedi is the tech chief at CrowdStrike in Europe. He thinks that as new dangers appear in 2024, IT and security jobs in companies will start to overlap more. This is because of fast tech changes and new kinds of security risks.

IT and security teams work, but their goals and daily work must be more balanced. He says it’s a good time to bring these teams together. Threats now attack both infrastructure and security at the same time. A joint effort is needed to stop them.

These teams can use their combined skills to better protect against complex cyber threats. They work together. New cybersecurity tools are being made for IT teams. These tools fit right into their work. They give quick updates and respond automatically to security problems. This makes things safer and faster.

Hyperscalers will drive a robust, real-time ecosystem.

Generative AI has often been criticized for using old data. This can drive mission-critical results. Rodrigo Liang is the CEO of SambaNova Systems. He thinks big tech companies will change how we analyze data with AI models. They’ll mix current data with fast adjustments. This will make things quicker, more accurate, and cheaper.

“We’ll continue to see a shift towards real-time fine-tuning. It allows models to adapt and understand current data. This drives advancements in AI applications in every industry,” he says. “Using high-tech chips and big data, we can build a strong system. This will help make big expert AI models. These models will handle more challenging problems than before in areas like marketing, ads, healthcare, the environment, banking, and others.

A renewed focus on zero-trust models

In today’s hybrid work environment, people rely on more devices, apps, and services than ever. Many of these are hosted in the cloud on systems that corporate IT does not control. This new landscape requires a zero-trust model.

In the coming year, Chris Peake, CISO and SVP of Security at Smartsheet predicts that organizations will add extra layers to their models. 

For example, companies could set up security based on people’s jobs. They could decide what each person can see and do,” he explains. “This helps keep important info safe but lets the right people access it. They might also control access based on how long someone works on a project.

Generative AI also has huge potential to strengthen data security. It can add an extra layer of protection. People can only manually watch some of the data flowing through their business. Intelligent systems must take on that burden. Machine learning can grow to “understand” what’s normal and flag anything that isn’t.”

IT spending will be focused on business outcomes more than ever

Linda Yao is a top leader at Lenovo Solutions & Services Group. She believes companies will seek more value from their IT spending. She says:

First, they’ll want their business to be more flexible, making their spending grow with the benefits they get. They’ll also look for a steady money flow by using tech to keep their income stable or save costs. Plus, they’ll use technology in a way that lets them plan their spending better.

“Businesses will also be focused on ensuring IT deployment supports or drives business outcomes. We will see more customers adopt IT based on the business outcomes they want to achieve, whether top line or bottom line, or to hit specific customer experience, sustainability, throughput, customer acquisition, and metrics. More businesses will tie their technology adoption to these metrics. They will do this rather than deploy and maintain technology in a vacuum.

As a result, companies will spend more on new technology than old IT systems in the next 5 to 10 years. They will update their IT systems completely. This means switching from old systems to a mix of local and cloud computing. It means using more virtual and connected IT setups. It also means choosing customized technology instead of old-style software licenses.


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