With the year drawing to a close, it’s time to look ahead to what 2019 has to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes. This year has seen thousands of new businesses emerge into the industry, with many making use of social media platforms to increase their global reach. Increasingly, business owners are seeing the benefits of having a creative hub to run their company from, thanks to the positive impact creativity has on sales, growth, and investment. This emphasizes the importance of running your business from an ideal location; one that encourages creativity in every employee. Next year, there are some hot spots that every business will want to settle in.

San Francisco Business

San Francisco

When it comes to creative hot spots, the list would not be complete without including San Francisco. As a place where many entrepreneurs and young talents go to start their journey in the business world, there is no wonder that businesses both big and small dream of one day setting up an office space there. Arguably the best part of this city for business owners is how easy it is to reach out to other companies and investors, where transport links to the rest of the country are easy to use. One thing to note, however, is that it can be expensive to run a business here, so you should make sure the costs fit in with your business model.

Austin Business


A big part of facilitating a creative business environment is choosing a location that has a buzzing atmosphere. Attractive to young and older employees alike, Austin can be noted for its silver office buildings, where many start-ups are able to create a sustainable business model. Recently named the number one city in the US for starting a business, there is lots of support here for people who may struggle in other, overwhelming cityscapes. With city views to accompany dynamic offices, it should come as no surprise that creativity is easy to find here.

Dayton Business


Businesses will always value emerging industry hubs. Those like Dayton in Ohio have seen unbelievable investment in the last few years, where people like The Windsor Companies (www.thewindsorcompanies.com) have designed spacious, open office spaces, which provide the perfect setting for writers and graphic designers to make their mark. However, what makes Dayton so special is its history (The Wright Brothers and innovative Delco company).

The green space surrounding urban buildings here is also an ideal source of inspiration for those looking to escape the concrete jungles of more expensive cities like New York. When combined, these factors mean Dayton spells a recipe for success, and there is endless potential for businesses looking to the future. 

Portland Business


As Oregon’s biggest city, it is no wonder that people are beginning to see the potential Portland has to offer. With a vibrant, arty scene, many young faces are bringing a modern touch to the world of business here, which is something every company can benefit from. This kind of atmosphere is also key to promoting a welcoming, innovative workplace, who thrive on communication and fresh ideas. With excellent transport links to cities like San Francisco and Seattle, you can expect to see Portland booming in the years to come.

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