Many people love to travel and want to make traveling a bigger part of their lives. But often, this can be difficult. It seems like there’s never enough time off work or enough money saved up to make more travel happen. However, there’s an easy solution: Find a career that makes it easy to travel the world.


A great example of a travel-friendly career is nursing. Healthcare is constantly expanding as a field and it’s one of the best bets for a fulfilling career. Demand is steady and is only expected to increase.

There are several countries that have a shortage of nurses, too. It’s fairly easy for nurses with degrees from American or Canadian schools to work in other countries, such as Australia.

Nurses who register with a travel nurse agency like Fusion Medical Staffing get to experience work in a number of interesting places around the world. This can be a great way to have meaningful experiences and meet people from other places.

Travel agencies

People who work for travel agencies are easily able to make interesting destinations a bigger part of their lives. While most travel agents don’t really get to travel for free, they’re often able to earn a commission based on the money they spend on their trips.

Travel agents are also eligible for perks like employee discounts. Taking plenty of trips can make travel agents better at their jobs. Experiencing different destinations for themselves allows these workers to give other travelers first-hand advice.

Customer service

Customer service is another field where it’s increasingly possible for employees to travel. Working remotely is becoming a big trend. As long as customer service workers have high-speed internet and a headset, they can provide assistance from any corner of the globe. As long as they’re able to take calls and respond to emails, there’s no reason they can’t work from a hotel or coffee shop in their city of choice.


Writers often work as freelancers. As self-employed workers, they don’t have to request time off or find someone to cover their desks.

Copywriters may have clients from all over the world. Travel can broaden a writer’s horizons and give them new material to write about. Trips to new locales can be a great foundation for creative writing and travelogues. The ultimate goal for many writers is to find work as a travel writer, a position where hotels, flights, and meals are all covered.

Management consulting

Management consulting offers plenty of flexibility. Since consultants decide which clients they take on, they have a good deal of control over where they’re based. For people in fields such as finance, cities like London, England, Montreal, Canada, and New York City are filled with potential gigs.

Software/computer engineering and IT

Finally, anyone with skills applicable to the tech sector is in very high demand. The trend in this industry leans toward project-based work, which is ideal for a nomadic lifestyle. It’s very possible for an IT professional or software engineer to work in Palo Alto for 18 months and then move on to Boston, Seattle, or Toronto. For people who want to travel extensively, computer engineering and related fields are a great option.


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