Sunday, April 26 would have been the San Francisco Boating Opening Day on the Bay. However, given the Covid-19 social distancing requirement this year, Opening Day looked a little different than the past years…it was a Virtual Boating Opening Day. The 2020 Opening Day on the Bay marks the 103rd annual celebration kicking off the start of the boating season in the Bay Area. 
San Francisco Virtual Boat Parade via Zoom

Although the San Francisco Boating Opening Day parade couldn’t be held in person due to social distancing guidelines, the tradition was not abandoned but instead, held virtually. PICYA invited sailors to enter model boats in a virtual parade. This was a two-hour Zoom event, starting at noon, which consisted of special guests, parade judges, and the chance to earn points toward the club of the year.  

Virtual is the New Reality

Although having a virtual boat parade does not seem like the most ideal situation, it is a new reality. Given the current pandemic, people have begun to adapt to a lifestyle that involves more virtual connection and most people would say, it is better than nothing. Most events are being held virtually and will continue to be, for a while, but it is important to see the positive aspects of that. 

Virtual Events 

The San Francisco Boating Opening Day parade is not the only event being held virtually, in fact, most events are. Piedmont Avenue Consulting Firm is holding all of its events virtually, including happy hours, networking mixers, and workshops. There are many positive aspects to this as one can grow their business and network in the comfort of their own home. Unlike ever before, people can attend networking events in their living room, bedroom, or at-home office.

Many Virtual Event Options

If you are interested in networking and growing your business in the comfort of your home, there are many options available through Professional Connector. In these events, you get the chance to hear from the experts and also create many connections. From learning how to write a book to grow your brand to virtual happy hours, Piedmont Avenue Consulting gives you options for the angle you want to take to grow your business.

Start growing your business in the comfort of your own home through virtual events by Piedmont Avenue Consulting. It’s easier than ever before! 

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