Twitter is a micro-blogging site with 140 million active users and one of the top ten most visited websites. With these statistics in mind, it is no wonder why businesses choose to engage in this key aspect of social media. Here are five top ways you can use Twitter to help grow your business:

1. Network with people with similar interests, or who have an interest in your business by joining industry and topic groups related to your business, via sites like and This could help you find new clients, new partners, and get referrals.

2. Monitor Your Brand and Reputation through Twitter Search. You can see what people are saying about your brand. This feature helps you revise your strategies and ultimately grow your business.

3. Conduct Market Research by following experts, companies, competitors, and leaders in your industry, which will help you build expertise in your industry and consequently build your credibility.

4. Promote and Broadcast Content, informing your audience about upcoming events, promotions, new products, important news, etc. You can also have your Tweets reposted on other social media websites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Consistently sharing valuable information helps your business gain exposure and increase brand awareness.

5. Provide Customer Service by sharing tips, helping others with problems or questions, and linking to helpful articles posted elsewhere. Active communication on Twitter can not only help you get new customers, but also build strong relationships with current customers.

Following these five simple steps can go a long way in marketing and developing your business.