What is GDRP? How does it affect your privacy? GDRP is a law regulated by the European Union it is a law to protect people’s data and privacy. Additionally, GDRP is created to build a more safe and responsible online services for us. This law is served to aid us in protecting our own personal data when somebody in the EU wants the company to delete their own personal data, or give out data, changing their data, companies must adhere to. Regardless, wherever your firms are located at, this law effects your company. In the latest newest from BBC, a big company such as Tronc (owns LA times, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and others) and Lee Enterprises, have been blocked access to European users during the May 25th, 2018. More information of this news at: https://www.cnet.com/news/gdpr-sees-eu-users-blocked-from-us-news-sites/

How does GDRP effect you and your business?

  • Need to change their privacy policies
  • Find terms for a new legislation
  • Getting us to agree with you, gets harder
  • Documenting the data from the consent receives us
  • Constant monitoring of the privacy of your user
  • Getting legal arrangements
  • Protect interests of your customers
  • Problems arises from the unfamiliarity of the new law

So, what are the steps that you should do to be ahead of your competition?

1      Get an assessment of your company data protection policies

2      Evaluate the budget to meet requirement and potential changes

3      Reviewing your company privacy and security policies

4      Updating the data consent

5      Set up training about GDRP for your employees

6      A plan of incident response plan of policies and procedures

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