When reserving a hotel for your next getaway, you no longer need to worry about hiring the ultimate travel agent; you have several right on your home screen! Popular sites like Kayak, Priceline, Airbnb, Booking.com, and more offer expansive services to find hotels of ranging prices, styles, and locations. If you love the features of one booking site, make sure to explore partner sites under umbrella groups like Expedia, Priceline, or TripAdvisor that will offer similar selection features and price deals.

For the Best Deal

If affordability is your top searching priority, Hotwire can offer some of the most competitive hotel booking deals, and all in one place. Through a simple search with filter options of amenities, ratings, and location, Hotwire will likely find you the lowest prices in your desired area. Furthermore, its “compare” feature upon selecting a hotel deal option allows you to see Airbnb, Expedia, and Trivago offers in the same location, emphasizing Hotwire’s superiority on the price front. If using Hotwire, it is advisable to already have established check-in and check-out dates, as availability for certain daily “Hot Rate” deals will instantly change with a change in check-out date. Furthermore, make sure to assess your personal priority balance of low price with acceptable quality, as Hotwire will display deals of all service qualities. If you’re looking to stay in a geographically and socioeconomically diverse city like San Francisco, make sure not to let an enticingly low price lead you to an undesirable area away from your original vacation plans. Hotwire is a partner of the Expedia Group, so to find similar platforms, look to other popular partner sites like Expedia, Hotels.com, and Travelocity.

For Your Specific Preferences

Priceline, a booking competitor to Hotwire, similarly allows you to search various low price deals within a certain area, but gives you the options of several more features to filter and refine your search, such as hotel brand, an expansive list of amenities, and both star rating and member recommendation ranking. Furthermore, there is a “name your price” auction booking option, where you are able to name a specific price you are willing to immediately bid on and pay. If you desire several exact details and prices on a vacation to the Bay Area, Priceline is an ideal booking site. It streamlines the process to find, for example, a Marriot hotel in the East Bay Area near Oakland or Berkeley. To browse other similar platforms, Kayak, Booking.com, and Agoda are all partners of the Priceline Group and offer comparable filtering and price options.

For Alternative Residence Options

If you want to find a true home in a new city, such as Berkeley, look no further than the innovative Airbnb. The platform connects travelers with locals renting out homes, apartments, villas, and more in cities all throughout the globe. Filters range from allowing/prohibiting pets or smoking to the reliability of the host according to ratings.While it is by far one of the most cost-effective means of achieving a truly authentic, local experience in a city, it is not quite comparable to the competing sites of cheap hotel-only booking. However, to fully experience living like a Bay Area local that grew up with a view of Grizzly Peak in their Berkeley Hills home, Airbnb is your best bet. Airbnb makes up a competitive platform category of its own in offering unique residence experiences for travelers of ranging price interests.

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