In order to maintain and strengthen customer loyalty there are some tips hotels can follow. Guests appreciate when hoteliers go the extra mile in making their stay exceptional with customized service and experience.  Did you know that 70% of consumer will leave a review for a business? Reviews are essential especially in the hospitality industry as travelers will gravitate towards hotels with the highest reviews and guaranteed service.

1. Improving Website

From a recent Statistic survey, 88% of the people would rather book a room online. This is because many people gravitate towards websites which are filled with more pictures of the hotel, rooms, and amenities such as; pools, bar, and more. Hence, if you are looking to sell out more rooms, add more pictures and detail descriptions of the rooms and what guests can expect when they choose to stay with you. The more information your website has, the better.

2. Personalized Service

Guests look for personalized and customizable service during their travels. This helps mold their experience at your hotel so customer needs should be met effectively and efficiently. A customer is placed as an important person in the hotel no matter how much they are paying for that hotel room. Every hotel employee should learn methods about going above and beyond for their guests, providing the best customer service they can provide. Guests are more likely to stay with you again when they feel they were completely taken care of and provided with the highest customer experience.

3. Facilities and Amenities

When people book a hotel room they always look for the best deals, a place that makes it easy and provides accessibility. Being able to blend tourism and luxury experiences can drive more customers into your hotels, such as top of the line hand soaps, body washes, conditioners, shampoos, the best restaurants, and the newest fitness equipment. Providing the top amenities to your guests shows them that they come first. This drives your customers’ perception that your hotel is synonymous with luxury living.

4. The Guest First Impression

First impressions are important and a hotels impression is no different. Within a hotel environment, a guests’ first impression of the hotel may come from the valet, bell hop or front desk. Either way, the impression of top of the line customer service should be a hotels priority and consistent throughout the business. Some gesture to leave a great impression can be simply smiling, making a right handshake, speaking clearly, eye contact, body language, and more. Providing a warm welcome for your guests and continuing to display that providing the top customer experience is a priority will go far past just a first impression, but a lasting one.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to provide your guests with personalized customer service. These tips can help to improve company productivity as well as gain more guests that respect your brand. The importance of employee training plays an intricate role in providing consistently good customer service and lead your company to more satisfied customers that drives revenues.

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