If you live in or around Atlanta, GA, you might wonder what to do with yourself if you are about to graduate from high school. You can look around and consider what career path appeals to you. Maybe you think becoming a lawyer might work out well.

If so, you can attend law school and eventually pass the bar. Passing the bar means you’ll have a law degree, and you can do all kinds of things with it. For instance, you might get into corporate law, environmental law, or perhaps you’ll become a defense attorney.

You might also think about becoming a personal injury lawyer. You can either open up your own law firm or work for one of the established Atlanta firms. We’ll discuss why you might like those options in the following article.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Can Make a Comfortable Living

Atlanta personal injury lawyers make about $82,252 a year. That’s the average, but you can make more than that if you work for a well-regarded firm or establish an excellent industry reputation.

You can get a home in the Atlanta area or one of the surrounding suburbs. Atlanta has some gorgeous neighborhoods, and if you save up your money for a few years, you can probably think about home ownership at some point. If you approach a bank or credit union and try to get a mortgage on a home, they’ll likely grant you one if you have a solid job working as a lawyer.

You can raise a family in your Atlanta-area home. You can have a nice house with a yard, a garage, and all the other amenities you might want if you work hard enough and eventually make partner in your firm.

There’s Always Plenty of Work for Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

If you get a job working as a personal injury lawyer in or around the Atlanta area, you may also find that there’s no work shortage. People sue each other all the time if one harms another, or you might get a client who wants to sue a corporation.

Personal injury law practices thrive anywhere in the country, and Atlanta is no exception. You might have a client who wants to sue a drug company if they develop cancer or some other medical condition from using a particular medication. Maybe you’ll represent an individual who sues a driver who hit their vehicle and caused a serious, lasting injury.

You might represent someone who sues their job because unsafe working conditions harmed them. Maybe you’ll represent someone if a neighbor’s dog bit them or some defective product injured them.

Many more examples exist, and if you can demonstrate competence as a personal injury lawyer, you’ll have work all the time. You can gradually gain an industry reputation and always have more work lined up and waiting for you.

This Job Opens Up Doors for You

You might also become an Atlanta-based personal injury lawyer because that can open up all kinds of doors for you. For instance, maybe you want to join prestigious country clubs and become a major player around town. You can do that if you join up with a well-known firm or start one for yourself.

You can meet like-minded people at your job. Maybe you’ll meet a potential partner or spouse that way. Many times, workplace romances lead to marriages, and you can start a family with someone you meet through work.

Maybe you have political aspirations. Often, lawyers enter the political arena eventually. They learn how to talk to people through the job, and they use those communication skills on the campaign trail.

As a personal injury lawyer, you can also help people who need it. Maybe the other reasons we mentioned appeal to you, but you also want to assist individuals and families who badly need help.

Some people feel personal injury law is a less than noble profession, but often, you’re someone’s last defense line against a corporation or individual who severely harmed them and wrecked their life. You can help that person get the money they deserve by standing up for them in court.

That should make you feel great about yourself, and you’ll like going to work every day. You’ll always have new challenges waiting for you, whether that means battling it out with a defense attorney in a courtroom setting or learning more about the law to help you assist your clients.

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