You’ve seen many people giving away some of their best digital content for free online when, in fact, they can sell and gain profit. Giving free content online is one of the best marketing strategies that you should try. Suppose you haven’t given away anything for free or in exchange for a newsletter sign-up. In this case, you’re making a huge marketing mistake, and it significantly affects your business, credibility, and digital reputation. 


Benefits of Giving Away Free Digital Content

Understanding the benefits of giving your best content online for free will help you build reliable online followers and presence. Whether you plan to sell online services and products like e-books, downloads, or courses, establishing your newsletter is vital.

There are different ways to increase your email list, one of which is giving free and valuable content. For a comprehensive overview of the process, you can read this guide for more information and proven tips that digital marketers use to improve site visibility and grow their readership. 

Increase Your Credibility

One advantage of giving informative and valuable content is that you gain your reader’s trust, which builds your digital presence and credibility. With more on-point free content and information-rich materials, your target audience makes your authority under your chosen niche. 

It helps you build your credibility, and people will start to seek you for more answers about topics relevant to what you share. Once you gain popularity through valuable and honest content, you are then considered a credible resource. In this case, you are now the go-to digital library under your target niche. 

The best way to build your digital presence is to provide free content that is rich, fun, engaging, and valuable.

Helps Build Your Target Audience

Everyone loves freebies, and you must provide ‘something’ that will pique interest to recipients and keep coming back to you for more information. Your followers then start talking about your content to their friends, families, or colleagues, which, in return, generates more site visitors and traffic to your website. 

You can also include famous quotes or facts into your giveaways (with proper credits), and people will likely share these freebies with their circle of friends or audiences. To redirect more people on your site, don’t forget to include your brand or site URL on all your free digital content.

Increases Profit Over Time

As mentioned before, to help you build a reliable follower and establish your email list, you must provide valuable content. If you trigger people’s interest and win their trust, they will undoubtedly subscribe to you. Having a substantial volume of email subscription is considered a guaranteed revenue once you start offering something online. 

Once you’ve decided to offer services or products online, you already have people who believe in you. Not everyone wants emails popping into their notification, especially if it does not interest them. With the right timing and content, you can build your authority effectively and efficiently.

  • With a pool of prospective customers, giving free digital content enables your target audience to glance at what you can offer together with the quality of your work. If people are talking and loving your give away stuff, surely they will be more than excited to get new products or services from you, even if they need to pay for it in the future. 


What Kind Of Digital Content Should You Give

Thinking about what freebies to give? You’re not the first one to, well, think of it. Brainstorming about valuable content that attracts people to sign up on your newsletter is complicated and challenging. 

If you’re looking for practical ideas, here are some of the best techniques to begin: 

  • You can search for the competition for relevant content and what others usually give. 
  • You can do a quick survey from your email subscriber of what they would love to learn or topics they want you to discuss.
  • You can get inspiration from the contents you like to read.
  • You can ask social media followers about their pain points or struggles and offer solutions.
  • Try to build new content from previously written data and spruce it.


When you give free and valuable content, the bottom line is that you are generating lead magnets and helping increase your email list or followers. Offering freebies to every site visitor has tons of benefits on your end, especially in building your digital presence and credibility. 

It also turns every lead into a potential customer when you finally decide to offer services online. These freebies are stepping stones and assets for your affiliate marketing programs or improving your upsell status.


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