Everyone has heard the adage, “the customer is always right.” If you work in customer service, you know that this is not true. However, the customer should always be treated with respect. If you are a customer service worker, you must enforce company policy while calming the customer down and changing their image of you.

Empathizing with the customer while simultaneously enforcing company policies can be challenging. However, there are some things you can do that will de-escalate the problem rather than increase it.

1. Recognize That the Customer’s Complaint is Valid

It is very important to let the customer know that you understand why they are upset. Chances are, their complaint is valid. The product or service you are offering may not live up to the customer’s expectations. 

Acknowledge that the problem they have is a real one. Let them know that you understand how frustrating it is, and why it is frustrating. Restating the problem will often help to let the customer know that you are on their side. 

Let’s say a customer calls in because they bought a kitchen appliance that is not working properly. And it began to fail just as you were about to have a dinner party. You will want to let them know you understand not only the issue but the way they felt about it. Tell the person  ” I am sorry it must have been so embarrassing and aggravating to have the appliance not work properly right in the middle of your party.”

Once the customer knows that you understand why they are upset, they are more likely to listen to you. When people listen to one another, You are likely to have a faster and better solution to the problem.

2. Figure Out a Resolution to the Problem

The first thing you want to do is find out what the customer thinks would be a fair solution to the problem. You may be able to do what they want with no problem or with the simple approval of your supervisor, you might get the approval to help a customer with their request. 

If you are unable to do what the customer wants, you should make sure that they know you are still on their side. For example, if the customer with the faulty kitchen appliance wants you to give them their money back and pay for the cost of their party, you may not have the authority to pay for the cost of their party; Hence, you would want to let them know what you can do for them.

Offer to help them figure out the problem or get them to someone who can troubleshoot with them. If that doesn’t work you can offer to exchange the product or give them their money back. You may want to offer them something extra for their troubles. For example, you may be able to offer them credit for free products or services or at least give them a deep discount or free upgrade.

3. Follow Up 

Once you have come up with a resolution to the problem, you want to let them know that the solution worked out for them. Make sure they understand everything before the conversation ends. 

Be sure to follow up with your customer after the fact. If you sent them money back for a product, call them to make sure they got the refund. If you sent them a new product, call them to make sure that the product arrived and is working.

Customer service is one of the most challenging jobs in any company, However, there are ways of appeasing the customer without violating company policy. You can get additional information here.

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