Restaurant owners already have a lot on their plate. From inventory functionality to front-of-house operations, we know owners don’t have a lot of time to improve their online presence. Although it is often overlooked in the restaurant industry, a great website can seriously make a difference when it comes to online marketing, and in a world filled with Yelp reviews and OpenTable reservations, it’s time to upgrade that URL from 2004.

To begin, let us backtrack as to what a WordPress plugin is. In WordPress, arguably the most powerful blogging and website open source creation tool, there are pieces of software which provide certain functions, also known as plugins. These plugins are used to enhance websites and make them more user-friendly. Now that we’re all on the same page, let us begin our definitive list of the 10 best WordPress plugins for restaurant websites:

User-Friendly Websites

Quick Restaurant Menu

Let’s start with simple: Quick Restaurant Menu is a great way to get acquainted with plugins, while keeping a professional, refined look. With Quick Restaurant Menu, you can manage your online menu with little time needed. Drag and drop features make web designing accessible to even the least tech savvy.


Dedicated to delivery services, the WooFood plugin uses WooCommerce to provide simplified delivery options for your restaurant. You may customize the look and design of your online delivery platform, while customizing the more technical aspects of your business such as delivery range, pricing, and hours. 

Grand Restaurant

With six templates, the Grand Restaurant plugin allows the embedding of multiple platforms, furthermore driving up your online traffic; media from Vimeo, YouTube, and Soundcloud prove to be rich in search engine optimization content. Reservations, online orders, delivery options, and online menu features are all included in Grand Restaurant. 

Yelp Widget Pro

Yelp is the powerhouse of online marketing for restaurants. With millions of users worldwide, it only makes sense to provide Yelp as a widget on your website. The importance of integrating multiple platforms to enhance traffic is why Yelp Widget Pro is on our list. Consumers can review dishes, view your restaurant’s full profile, and connect their Yelp account. It may even encourage patrons to write a review!

OpenTable Widget

The OpenTable Widget is what many people already use for reservations, so it makes sense to have a direct OpenTable widget on your website. On the OpenTable widget patrons can book a time-slotted reservation, furthermore embedding a mini host inside your website.

WP Restaurant Manager

WP Restaurant Manager is a plugin exclusively for restaurant reservations. Patrons choose their date, time, and party size, while you select availability and restrictions. You may even want to set up WP Restaurant Manager’s notifications option, which allows all management staff to be notified in lieu of a future party. 


Foodpress combines both an online menu option with a reservation format, providing an all-around plugin suitable for all restaurants. Foodpress gives you full control of the layout and sizing of images, prices, links, and buttons. Social media also plays a huge factor in the foodpress plugin, as patrons are able to share their opinions of dishes through sharing buttons, furthermore optimizing online traffic.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is a plugin which instantly uploads your Instagram posts onto your website. It is great if you already have an awesome feed, because it gives you more web content without any effort! Food is a huge sub-category of Instagram, so why not utilize multiple platforms by showing off your beautiful plates?

Google Maps Widget

It is a part of every restaurant identify to have a brick-and-mortar storefront. Therefore, you should show it off! Hidden and unadvertised locations can be confusing and suspicious, so we encourage you to use the Google Maps Widget to show consumers exactly where you’re located.

Food and Drink Menu

To simplify online menu building, Food and Drink Menu helps you make a beautiful online menu by pre-styling its contents. Aesthetics are important when it comes to web design, so the fact that the Food and Drink Menu plugin provides presets makes your life a lot easier. These presets also make the online menu more compatible with mobile devices. 

Restaurant Online Marketing

Our favorite WordPress plugins are sure to help you enhance the look, efficiency, and professionalism of your restaurant’s website. Here at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc., we work with a diverse array of business owners and entrepreneurs who need assistance with everything from online marketing presence to operational streamlining. We have worked with an extensive list of restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, and would love to help you further your restaurant’s success with real, measurable results. Contact us today for a free, 30-minute consultation call; we would love to hear from you!

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