What are Internet Marketing strategies that can improve your performance?

Internet marketing is a new trend in marketing that many businesses started to emphasize their marketing efforts online.

By knowing some of the key metrics, we can know how to design campaigns that have effective and better results. Base on the metrics, we can constantly check the effectiveness of the campaigns, so we can avoid spending our marketing budget on unnecessary spendings.

What’s Traditional search engine marketing (SEM) and what are the strategies to implement it?

Traditional search engine marketing (SEM) is almost 50% of online marketing spending. It consists of purchase search words for specific campaigns. The Internet search can be broken into 2 components:


  1. Natural (organic) search: Natural search can be increased by improving your websites such as adding tags to the algorithm and other SEO techniques.
  2. Sponsored search: For SEM, you can purchase keywords that are from generic search words to specific and branded search words. For example, from the beginning of the search, e.g. wine & vacation to the end of the search journey, e.g., Napa California.

What are some of the metrics you can use for Internet marketing?

Cost Per Click (CPC)

For the sponsored search, consider incorporating the metric, Cost per click (CPC) into your search engine marketing (SEM). Cost per click (CPC) = Cost per click on a sponsored search link or banner advertisement.

The cost of CPC on Google can range from $1 – $5. Depends on the number of your traffic and the volume of the search words, your marketing budget can vary.

Internet Marketing

Word of Mouth (WOM)

Word of mouth is an important metric, especially for those who are focusing on social media marketing. It can help you increase your clicks and visitors. You can measure this metric by asking “Would you recommend this to a friend?”

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing

You can also measure WOM by (Number of direct clicks + Number of clicks from recommendations) / number of direct clicks.

Direct clicks are the links that directly clicked to your marketing channels e.g., website, blog post, promotional landing page etc. The number of clicks from recommendations includes the customers come from the referral links with a unique identifier or promotional code.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate: % of customers who leave your website after spending less than 5 seconds on your site.

This is the essential metric to understand how good your website is. It enables you to see how well the content on your website keeps customer attention and also which marketing channels are working well on your website.

By knowing the bounce rate, you can analyze why certain marketing channel has better bounce rate. And you might want to design a different website or campaign according to the results.

Internet Marketing

What’s next?

Use metrics to analyze your internet marketing can help you attract more visitors, have a better online reputation, and bring you more revenue. If you would like to learn more other essential metrics and data-driven marketing, check out our blogs: What is Agile Marketing and 5 Essential Non-Commercial Metrics.

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