Plenty of businesses and shops have moved online now, and while it would be silly not to acknowledge the helping hand in which the pandemic gave to this shift, the move from real-world retail to the online experience was making fast progress all on its own.

Because of this, there needs to be a change in values and strategies to make sure customers are receiving the best experience they can online, as not only is it much easier for them to just ‘Google’ a competitor and shop there instead, without having your shop as the only choice in the area, but it is also returning customers that are responsible for the growing income of online businesses. This means you want to catch their eye and keep them there!

If you are wondering how you can give the best ecommerce experience to your customers and clients, then look no further. This piece will cover a few of the essentials you need to know.

Tailor Your Website to Your Target Audience

Sometimes businesses can get wild ideas about how they want their website to look, and perhaps in an art gallery, it would look brilliant, but for those who are trying to navigate it to find out information or make a purchase, it could be a nightmare.
You want your website to be easily navigated with clear points of information and closing on a purchase. You do not want your website to appear confusing in layout with too many different pop-ups and features happening simultaneously or leave the user perplexed about how they can actually put an item in their shopping cart.

If your target audience is geared toward the older generation, simplicity is better. Be sure it is straightforward, uses large texts, and has a clear path of completion. For those who are running a website that is more niche and geared toward younger generations, you can have a little more freedom in design and sparkle, but do not go overboard. The style should never overthrow the functionality of a website.

Show Continuous Shopping for Repeat Customers

One of the most frustrating experiences of online shopping is popping everything you desire into your online cart, only to accidentally cross off the tab. Then, poof – it is gone. Having a feature that allows your customers to pick up where you left off can not only inspire further purchases, but it also reminds them that your website, and therefore, company, remember them and their preferences. In a world where many shops are making their way online, a personalized ecommerce experience  and at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Exceptional Customer Service

One of the main things keeping your customers coming back to you instead of looking elsewhere is your exceptional customer service. If you look at complaints from those who shop online, the amount of negative feedback about unhelpful customer service is prevalent and can be the main reason a customer chooses to jump ship.
Everyone knows that some things can go wrong when it comes to faulty items, returns, and refunds, or any of the other intricacies of customer service and care, and that is something many are willing to accept, as long as they get exceptional help and support provided for every single transaction.

Customers are more likely to buy from a company again if the service has been excellent, which also ties in with wanting to keep your customers returning!

Offer Product Support

So many tears of frustration can be avoided when product support is available to your customers. Their issue could be something as simple as not pressing a button hard enough or not understanding how to assemble something, and not having adequate support to get them through these inevitable little obstacles can sour the whole experience and leave them less likely to purchase from you again.

Even if having live support is not an option for you currently, providing troubleshooting videos and extensive FAQs can also be the difference between someone feeling triumphant and someone wishing they had never bought the item in the first place.

Make Sure You Are Optimized for Mobile

Shopping from mobile over desktop is ever-increasing, but unfortunately, websites designed for desktops do not always translate to mobiles well – causing everything to look disheveled, some features unreachable and unclickable, and on the whole, a big non-navigational mess. 

It is essential that your website is set up for mobile; otherwise, you are alienating a massive part of your customer base – and removing your chance of many sales!

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