Do you have a retail business that hasn’t exactly been busy as of late? Have you noticed how busy the competition seems to be and so now you are looking for ways to increase foot traffic on your premises? While there are many different steps you could take, one that can prove to be quite useful is innovative branding. The idea is that you capture the attention of people, prompting them to not only come into the store, but to stay and browse – thereby increasing the odds of making a sale. Let’s take a look at some innovative branding ideas you could use in your retail premise.

Look Into Floor Graphics

People often think about signage that you hang or display on racks, but did you know that floor graphics can also be incredibly useful and have the desired impact you are after? The benefits of marketing with custom business floor graphics are vast, especially since you can use them and display them as you see fit throughout the store. 

Retail owners appreciate the fact that it helps them to better utilize their square footage. It is eye-catching, helps with customer engagement, and it’s a great way to advertise new and exciting products. It also helps to create flow in terms of the store setup and design.

Give Credit to Visual Merchandising

Innovative and attractive product displays, or visual merchandising, also play a role in innovative branding. It will become part of your overall brand image that customers will associate with the store. So, what are the top tips when it comes to visual merchandising in your store? There are a few techniques you can embrace which include:

  • Making sure there is always one focal point for the display
  • Make sure the displays are always asymmetrical
  • Signage needs to be clear and noticeable
  • Pay close attention to the colors you use
  • Don’t overcomplicate the displays
  • The biggest objects should be first on the display

Appeal to the Senses – Scent and Sound

Did you know you should also think about how you appeal to the senses – in particular, scent and sound? Customers will learn to identify the brand through the experience they have while shopping, which includes the music that is playing as well as the scent in the air. You want to create a vibe that is consistent with the brand and is welcoming to customers. 

For example, if you sell luxury beauty products, you probably want to choose soft music that may be relaxing, soothing or something you’d hear in a high-end café or lounge. As for the scent, choose scents that can be found in beauty products to tie the experience together.

You are working to create a unique experience for customers, so appealing to the senses is imperative.

By putting some effort and thought into innovative branding ideas for your retail premises you can start to see results fairly quickly. Keep in mind that tweaks may be necessary as you go and it’s also important to continue to look for innovative ideas to keep the experience fresh.

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