Packaging is anything that surrounds an object or substance. It goes beyond its physical limits in order to keep it safe from harm, contamination or even tampering by outsiders during shipping and storage until the moment comes when somebody finally has enough money to purchase it. Good packaging is important for your business, especially if you want to be able to sell your product or service. There are several reasons why good packaging can help make your company successful.

It Enhances The Desirability Of Your Product

People tend to be drawn more towards attractive pieces of merchandise than those that look dull and unappealing because they are more likely to purchase something they find attractive than those that don’t.

Great packaging is an important part of achieving this because it draws attention to your product through several means:


Color is one of the most appealing aspects of any type of packaging design because it grabs the attention of anyone who notices it right away, compelling them to take a closer look at your product and what it’s all about. People will definitely be interested in what you have to offer if the color catches their eye immediately. Make sure that whatever color you choose for your product corresponds with its theme or purpose so people know exactly what it is when they first see it on store shelves (e.g., red for fire alarms, yellow for construction equipment).


The material you use will determine how your product looks once it’s finished so this should be carefully chosen because if it doesn’t look appealing then people are less likely to buy it. This is one of the reasons why folding cartons are always a good option. The different types of folding cartons are all appealing. You won’t have to worry about misshapen packaging.


Having a good logo design is also important because it will instantly draw attention to your business name or brand. This is an extremely valuable aspect of your product packaging. To make it stand out, consider hiring a professional graphic designer to do the work.


Logistics refers to not only the overall appearance of the package but also whatever information you decide to put on there such as care instructions or warranty information. If your logistics are not appealing then people are less likely to take notice of every other aspect that might be appealing about your product so good packaging will always rely heavily on logistic quality.

It Protects Your Product

When you purchase a new item, say an electrical appliance perhaps, the majority of them are packaged inside boxes. This is because one of the main functions of packaging is to protect it from any damage that could happen while being shipped or moved around in stores. Most items are fragile due to their construction or because they are made out of delicate materials that break easily if there is too much pressure exerted on them.

Good packaging also protects your product from getting contaminated by outside elements. Here are the main elements good packaging protects your product from:


Dirt could be picked up by your product while being handled before it reaches its destination. Dirt particles can easily damage the surface of your product even without you knowing it. Anything that is made out of a certain material produces microscopic pores which trap dirt and other pollutants in the air.


Water can cause several problems for your product, especially if there are electronic components inside the package that are sensitive to humidity because they will start developing rust much faster when exposed to water vapour in the air. With time, this could lead to them breaking down completely.


Just like dirt particles, dust can also build up on your product and cause physical damage much sooner than anticipated. Dust will clog the pores in the material that your product is made out of. This causes a hindrance to its ability to cool or heat up as intended, which will eventually lead to major damage if not attended to immediately.


Heat is usually not as damaging as water but high temperatures can make certain components more prone to breaking down over time. So unless your product was engineered from materials that are capable of withstanding high temperatures such as those used in thermal ovens, it’s best to avoid exposing them directly to extreme hot or cold environments with good packaging because this could significantly reduce their shelf life and could even render them useless.


Abrasion happens when your product rubs against another product or surface. If not taken care of immediately, abrasion can cause damage to your products and will certainly shorten their lifespan. So it’s best to make sure that good packaging is used on all of your items right away during manufacturing so they are protected throughout their lifetime on the market.

It Makes Your Brand Appear Professional

When people see your product on store shelves or wherever it’s being offered, they are likely to judge how reliable and professional you are as a business according to how well-made the packaging looks. If it looks attractive and sturdy, then that means you’re experienced in what you do and know exactly what kind of products you need to offer for sale. On the other hand, if your stuff looks shoddy and poorly made, then potential customers are going to be turned off.

It Increases The Product’s Overall Resale Value

People are more likely to resell something that has good packaging than those with poor ones because it will hold up longer. People who seek these types of products want them to stay in tip-top shape for as long as possible when they buy them new, so they are less likely to buy something that’s in poor condition or has bad packaging because this damages the resale value of the product.

It Makes Your Product More Photogenic

In this digital age of unboxing videos and Instagram pictures, good packaging makes your product more marketable. A lot of shoppers consider how good a product will look on their social media pages or in a blog post before they consider buying it for themselves. So it’s important to have good packaging so people will be more inclined to buy your product because it looks photogenic.

In summary, good packaging is essential. Good packaging is important because it enhances the desirability of your product, makes your brand appear professional, increases the product’s overall resale value, and makes it more photogenic.

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