Nowadays, buyers rely heavily on social media to learn more about new products and services. Most often than not, they tend to lean toward active business profiles and visibly have great customer engagement. 

With the saturation of digital platforms such as Instagram, it’s not surprising that online businesses and influencers look for alternative ways to boost their online presence and engagement to have the chance to compete with big, well-established brands. 

One of which is buying Instagram comments and likes. However, before you make the investment, you must know the pros and cons of this strategy. Read on to find out if this marketing solution suits you. 


  • Greater Visibility

Instagram uses an algorithm that determines which profiles or pages will show up in a user’s newsfeed. There are many factors considered in this process, but the number of comments and likes you get is among the most essential.  

If your brand page has more followers and your posts have excellent engagement, there is a higher chance of appearing in another person’s newsfeed. 

Similarly, when you gain more visibility, it sends a signal to Instagram that your account serves the interest of more app users. Posts with more comments and likes will pop up more frequently and may pique the interest of more people. Thus, you can also increase your organic following because of the wider reach.

Curating user-generated content and finding the optimal times to post are tried and tested ways to boost visibility. On top of that, you can use an app to get more Instagram comments and likes to generate more authentic posts from real Instagram users. 

  • Get More Endorsements

If you are an influencer, one of the best ways to earn more money is through endorsement deals. However, you will need a large number of comments and likes so companies will take notice. If you have a high volume of comments and likes on each post, you will have a better chance of them reaching out to you and paying to promote their products and services on your Instagram page.  

If you are just building your influencer profile, buying Instagram comments and likes may just be your best ally. 

  • Save Time

Increasing your Instagram account’s following and engagement organically can be very frustrating for business. You need to make good online connections, participate in engagement groups, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with doing all of these, but you should know that going this way can take a lot of time.  

When you buy Instagram comments and likes, you can save a lot of time while quickly increasing your following and engagement. In addition, you will need less time to develop Instagram as one of your revenue-generating channels. 

  • Make Your Instagram Page Look Credible

If you want to make your Instagram page look credible, you need to have a vast and active following.

Users tend to judge a brand’s credibility by looking at the number of followers or likes. When a business profile appears to have more likes, positive reviews, and recommendations from those who may have purchased the product, more people are encouraged to do the same action. This is because of a psychological phenomenon called social proof.

By buying Instagram comments and likes, you can leverage social proof to boost your sales and revenue. 


  • May Damage Your Reputation

Buying Instagram comments and likes can also backfire and possibly hurt your reputation. Instead of growing your following and engagement, you may end up losing them. 

If you’re not careful, your followers may question your authenticity as a brand. In the worst case, they may even see you as desperate that you result in buying comments and likes instead of growing your account through organic means.  Thus, if you decide to go this route, ensure that you engage with reputable sellers. 

  • You May End Up Buying Fake Comments & Likes

As mentioned above, you may end up buying fake following and engagement if you’re not careful. Not all companies that sell comments and likes are authentic. 

Some of them offer fake comments and likes from computer bots which can cause your profile to lose a huge number of followers and ultimately affect your page ranking. 

  • They Can Be Quite Costly

The fact is that buying Instagram comments and likes can be quite costly. If you want to quickly make a big impact as you introduce your brand to the public, you’ll need to buy a couple of thousand followers as well as comments and likes, which can run up your bill.   

Things can even get pretty bad, especially if you don’t do your own research and buy from reputable sellers. You cannot get the results you’re hoping for from buying engagement.  

Final Thoughts

With these pros and cons in mind, you’ll be able to make a smart decision about whether you need to buy Instagram comments and likes or not. Be sure to weigh down each of the advantages and disadvantages and see if they’re worth the risk. Also, ensure that the seller is authentic to avoid facing problems later.

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