When reflecting on the progress of your business, you’ll realize that nothing is more important than your customers. The loyal ones keep you in business and may even refer others to you. Here are a few simple and practical ways to celebrate your loyal customers.

Early Access Programs

Consider creating an early access program to celebrate loyal customers. Giving them exclusive access to services or products that haven’t been launched makes them feel appreciated. Google and other tech companies give consumers opportunities to take part in the beta release of their products. 

Depending on the nature of your business, you can set up early access programs for them. They will keep coming back to you if they are always first to hear about your new products and services. 

Consider using email marketing software to create separate email lists for your loyal customers. While this may seem simple, making customers feel like part of something bigger builds trust and loyalty. 

Flower Delivery

Flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, and your loyal clients aren’t any different. With Bouqs.com, you can send ‘thank you’ flowers conveniently and affordably. Although flowers won’t last forever, they leave a strong and lasting impression. 

Consider sending a bouquet that carries a special message. Do not assume that all your loyal clients will appreciate the same flowers. Think about their personalities and choose something that suits them. Fun and optimistic clients, for example, would probably love roses and yellow carnations. Write a note thanking them or their contribution and wishing them the best.  

Consider your relationship with different clients as well. If you have known them for a long time and witnessed their milestones, it may be okay to reference them in your note. However, you shouldn’t get too personal. If you haven’t known them for too long, it would be best to keep things formal. Avoid inappropriate jokes and offensive comments. 

Special Events

Organize special events and invite your loyal customers. Like giving them first access to your products and services, this is a way of spreading goodwill and making them feel important. It creates a buzz about your business and promotes loyalty. 

Whether you choose to organize a charity event or a simple wine and cheese event at your premises, the options are endless. Encourage your loyal customers to bring their friends and family along. It is a fantastic way to introduce a fresh audience and improve your brand visibility. 

 Consider using an online registration tool where customers sign up in advance. You may also provide information on other guests that will be coming to the event.

Recognize Their Contribution

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and recognized. Your customers play an essential role in the success of your business, and they want to know that you appreciate them. Consider posting customers of the week or month on your emails or websites. You can go as far as putting a sign up in your office or storefront. Your customers will love the appreciation. They will feel like an essential part of your success and are likely to keep coming back.  

Another great tip is to recognize them on your social media platforms. Twitter and Instagram are perfect for identity expression. They are not only just helpful in expressing yourself. You can also use them to appreciate your customers.

Special Discounts

Consider offering discounts to customers who reach a certain target. It may be a percentage off after spending a specific amount at your store. Those who regularly spend a lot of money may be eligible for a permanent discount. It is an amazing way to express appreciation.

Small Gifts

Consider sending your loyal customers small gifts to express your appreciation. They don’t need to cost a fortune. Your clients will appreciate small surprises like fruit baskets, key rings, calendars, or notebooks. You can send them via email or deliver them when they visit your shop.

Every business relies on its loyal clients to succeed. Therefore, it makes sense that you identify ways to make them feel appreciated and celebrated. If they think that you are taking them for granted, you may lose them. You may show appreciation by sending them flowers, organizing special events for them, recognizing them in public, or giving them early access to certain products and services.

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