Sometimes the helpdesk does not solve problems, but only makes them worse.

1. You Are Difficult to Contact

If a person has questions, they should be able to ask them easily. Placing contact information is not a case where you have to be fancy. The user wants to find them in a familiar place. For example, the chat window with the specialist is most often placed in the lower right corner and the “Contacts” section in the basement of the site.

2. You Have Few Channels of Communication

Someone trusts only phone calls and communication with a person. Someone is willing to exclusively exchange messages in chat rooms or social networks. Let’s say your potential client is the latter. He tries to contact you, finds only a phone number – and goes to a competitor. You need to offer something exclusive and very cool so that a person decides to do something out of the ordinary.

That’s why it is better to provide for different variants of communication and to respect the wishes of the client, improving business productivity. You don’t need to make a chat room just to get the phone number and call him back if he’s obviously in the mood for correspondence.

3. Your Communication Channels are a Mess

There are three email addresses on the site, and it’s not clear where to write. There are several groups in each of the social networks, and it’s not clear where to go. It’s not easy to figure this out, and few people want to. So, get your contacts in order.

4. Your Support Does Not Have a Person

As a rule, people turn to tech support with problems or questions that they can’t find answers to on their own. Sometimes they are angry or upset because your service did not meet their expectations. In this case, bot-like employees who move by duty phrase scripts are very annoying. Instead of real help, a lot of unnecessary insincere words are dropped on the person.

It is much more pleasant to communicate with an employee who is not “sorry for what happened,” but genuinely asks for forgiveness and makes an effort to solve the problem. Moreover, understanding that you are communicating with a living person often makes you slow down a little and calm down.

5. Support is Very Slow

Few people like to ask a question today and get an answer the day after tomorrow. Especially if the situation is critical. Promptness is an extremely important criterion. If a customer finds himself in a problematic situation, you need to keep him informed of what you are doing to make things right.

For example, the courier service lost a package. The customer waited patiently for a few days after the delivery deadline expired, then contacted the chat room and got no answer, wrote there again – with the same result, sent a message to Facebook. A content manager finally responded, said he would inquire about the parcel’s fate, and then disappeared for three days. It is unlikely that after this you can count on a repeat order.

That’s why it’s important to respond promptly and give the customer an approximate timeframe in which you’ll come back with specifics if you need time to get it.

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