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Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty and generates new opportunities for our clients through creative insights and by leveraging new technologies.
An effective Walnut Creek business marketing plan includes Social Media, Customer Loyalty programs and new technology to streamline operations. All organizations need to set up short term as well as long term business marketing plans. Schedule a call with David Mitroff, Ph.D. today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals and strengthen your San Francisco business.

  • Brand Awareness – We work with businesses in Walnut Creek to define a clear message. This means from branding to content to call to actions; one consistent theme. With this foundation, we advise on the design and production of a comprehensive online presence with matching website, social media and print materials.
  • Lead Generation – We develop a comprehensive 6 month email marketing campaign, which includes new monthly custom landing web pages and email templates for maximum results.
  • Customer Loyalty – We develop a 6 month plan to dramatically increase your walnut Creek business’s online presence and customer interactions. We first highly strengthen your current (or create if needed) Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles look and content. Weekly we write and publish keyword powered content and continually monitor and adjust for results.

Looking for advice on your business in Walnut Creek, California? Thinking of Opening a Business in Walnut Creek?

Contact us today to schedule a free consulting session to review how we may be able to help. Piedmont Avenue Consulting is a San Francisco Bay Area based business development and marketing consulting firm who creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases lead generation through leveraging new technologies and streamlining business processes.

About David Mitroff, Ph.D.

David Mitroff Restaurant Consultant Marketing Expert

David Mitroff, Ph.D.

 Dr. David Mitroff has held numerous consultative sales and technology positions, along with co-founding three companies, covering diverse environments including technology, business, legal, financial, retail, restaurant, government, academic, and health care. His extensive education includes a Doctorate Degree, Masters, and Bachelors, in Clinical Psychology with additional coursework in law and business administration. This wealth of knowledge is transferred to clients, as David shows clients how to master the psychology behind the customers decisions leading to heightened sales, increased customer experiences, and enhanced relationship building techniques. These comprehensive experiences, along with an extensive network of contacts in San Francisco are uniquely leveraged and differentiate David from other consultants. He questions assumptions, offers creative ideas, and encourages new initiatives from strategy through implementation, from company formation to enhancing an existing organization. David is an active member, on the executive board, or advisory committees for several organizations in San Francisco. He continually collaborates with several San Francisco consultant groups, merchant associations, and charities to best serve the community.

Do you have a law firm in Walnut Creek, Ca?

While working with LexisNexis, David conducted CLE presentations, seminars, and other workshops at leading law firms throughout the West Coast. David is an active member, on the executive board, or advisory committees for several organizations. He continually collaborates with several consultant groups, merchant associations, and charities to best serve the community. To learn more about Piedmont Avenue Consulting and how we work with Walnut Creek law firms like yours, or for more information about our Continuing Legal Education Seminars for law professionals in Walnut Creek, visit our site.

Are you a restaurant owner in Walnut Creek?

A Walnut Creek restaurant marketing strategy begins with a solid business marketing plan and restaurant concept that is continually adjusted to meetrestaurant-marketing-piedmont-avenue the demands of the highly competitive Walnut Creek marketplace. Whether you are a restauranteur, retail business owner or owner of a professional services firm – any Walnut Creek Business would benefit from a consultation with marketing expert and business consultant David Mitroff, Ph.D. For more information on how you can better market your Walnut Creek restaurant and succeed in the competitive Walnut Creek marketplace, visit our website.

Need help with your Walnut Creek event?

Piedmont Avenue Consulting organizes, hosts, sponsors or promotes 50 to 75 events each year, including a vodka tasting event at Eleve Restaurant in Walnut Creek. We produce and promote upcoming Bay Area Networking, Social Mixers, Business Networking, Music, and Charity Events. Join our mailing list to be invited to exclusive events and connect with other San Francisco Bay Area professionals.

 Event Marketing Guide Book

In fact, we have done so many events we have written an Event Marketing Guide Book for Successful Fundraising Events. To request a copy of our 20 page book on Event Marketing please fill out our contact form and we will email you the PDF.

In particular, we noticed a lack of consistent high caliber events in the Sanwalnut-creek-events-piedmont-avenue Francisco East Bay. To better serve our San Francisco East Bay clients, we created Walnut Creek Events (, which produces and promotes exclusive Walnut Creek networking, social mixers, music, art and business events in and around Walnut Creek to bring attention to East Bay businesses and create new connections.

We welcome you to join Walnut Creek Events on Meetup, Eventbrite, Linkedin, Biznik, Facebook, Twitter, etc. via the links below and it could be a huge help in expanding your networking possibilities:

Example Events in Walnut Creek

Looking for Press On Your Walnut Creek Business?

Getting the word out about your product or service offered at your Walnut Creek business should always be a priority.

Piedmont Avenue Consulting has relationships with traditional media like Diablo Magazine, Oakland Magazine, East Bay Express, Contra Costa Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, and with new media like Yelp, FourSquare, Jippidy, SF Gate, and others – allowing us to create greater marketplace awareness. Visit our website to see some press about our clients.

Best practices for marketing your Walnut Creek based Law firm

Piedmont Avenue Consulting creates new ways for law firms to leverage the firm’s brand and reputation by differentiating the law firm’s areas of expertise in the Walnut Creek market. We provide a variety of services to Law firms in Walnut Creek including Brand Awareness and Positioning, Relationship and Reputation Management, Internet and Social Media Marketing and Business Development Consulting. We have worked with lawyers and law firms of all sizes in Walnut Creek and in the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area to expand marketplace presence with creative business development efforts. We have integrated new technologies into their Walnut Creek legal practice and conducted 100′s of MCLE workshops.

Business Marketing Workshops in Walnut Creek 

David Mitroff, Ph.D. at Piedmont Avenue Consulting has an extensive background in business consulting and business marketing. In addition to personalized consulting, Dr. Mitroff conducts and hosts several business networking and marketing workshops in Walnut Creek area. For a list of upcoming San Francisco Bay Area events, visit

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