The way you promote your brand will always affect the sales and growth of your business. This is why at every stage of your business’s development, it’s crucial to make the most of every resource available. And since we’re in the digital world, you can use technology itself to your advantage by creating a business website. 

Primarily, your website will provide detailed information about the products or services you offer. With this, your clients will know more about your business and its details by just navigating through your website. It’s also important to design a website for your business with your target consumers in mind.

When done right, your business website will help you get a larger reach in your target market. If you’re designing your business website, here are six tips you can incorporate in your planning process to help build better brand awareness too:

Make It A Reflection Of Your Business 

Think of a concept that will suit your brand best. With this, your visitors will easily determine what your website offers. Remember that you have competitors who may be offering the same types of products or services as you do, so adding a personal touch to your website will make it stand out better. 

The design of your website should reflect the product or service you offer. For example, you have a pet shop; you can include designs such as bones and paw prints. You can also include photos of pets that have visited your shop. 

Keep It Simple And Unique 

You might get excited to make your website as stylish and aesthetically pleasing as possible but too many designs and visual cues will only make it look cluttered and messy. It will also take your customer’s attention away from the main content of your website. Your best route is to keep your website simple by making it clean and professional-looking.  

Give emphasis on your business profile, products, and services. Highlight the features that stand out in your business. If you offer a product or service that your competitors don’t have, use it to attract more customers. 

Take Note Of The Typography and Colors 

The color and typography of your website should match and complement your brand’s theme. If your business is about indoor playgrounds for children, you can make your website colorful. But make sure that the color combination is pleasing and won’t look too busy.  

Pick a font that’s easy to read for a general audience. Use your font consistently throughout your website to create a cohesive theme.  

Use Eye-Catching But Relevant Images

There’s always a temptation to use images that catch attention, but this will only work if they’re relevant enough to your business. Moreover, it’s best if you use original photos that will be unique to your business.  

When planned well, pictures will help sum up your brand perfectly, including the message you want to deliver. Use your main image on your homepage, which is the first thing visitors will see when they go to your website. 

Ensure Functional Navigation 

You shouldn’t forget to give importance to ease of navigation. Refrain from creating a business website that repetitively asks customers to click on buttons to know more about your business. It will be tiring and will make your customers lose interest.  

Instead, make it functional by adding buttons that will help them navigate to the primary pages of your website faster. All important information about your business should be easily accessible from any web page.  

Ensure Adaptability To Any Device

Websites are accessible through computers, but the majority of internet users access them through their mobile phones. So, one thing you should include in your checklist when creating a website for your business is its adaptability. 

Your website should fit into the screens of the most common types of devices your visitors use. Aside from being suitable for desktop viewing, your website should also be optimized for mobile phone and tablet use.


There are plenty of ways to promote your business but creating a website that will help you extend your reach is one of the best things you can do. If you think about it, your website will be the biggest representation of your brand online, where millions of users are. So leverage it well and make it not only cohesive with your brand and business but appealing to your target consumers as well. If it manages to stand out, your brand will definitely stand out too!

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