Many businesses, whether they are new start-ups or established multi-nationals, are looking for growth and sustainability during these uncertain times.

Learning and development provides one avenue for ensuring the continued growth and strength of your workforce and ultimately your bottom line. New technology means you can harness development programs aimed at continuing education without having to take time out of the office. There are also some courses that will serve to drive the business forward as well as to allow you to build internal skills in business sectors or areas that your business will need such as finance and taxes, human resources and sector specific improvements. Here are some tips for finding the right courses for your business.

Find A Provider That Is Accredited

Whether you are looking to enhance your company’s IT skills or financial skills, it is important to find a provider that is accredited and can provide certified courses. If you are looking to improve the tax skills in your company, you can’t go wrong with CTEC continuing education courses that ensure your staff are not only gaining skills but are guaranteed to be accredited and approved by the California Tax Education Council.

Self-Paced Learning

The advantage of using technology to build skills in an organization is that you have the flexibility to work around office hours and chose the right course to meet your needs. Whether this means finding a month-long course on financial management or a 3-hour course on updates in federal tax law, you get to decide based on what you need.

Certification Is Important

If you are going to invest in the skills and qualifications of your staff, make sure that you set them up for success. One way to do this is to make sure your development program targets certification of training and learning. Research has shown that of adults starting free courses that have no formal certification, only 10% complete them. However, between 40% and 90% of those that undertook courses that provide certificates or degrees completed them. This is a massive difference in success rate and highlights the fact that investing in your staff’s skills by paying for courses is a worthwhile risk because they are more likely to complete the course.

E-learning That Is Cutting-edge

If you are going to invest in your staff and ensure effective business growth, it is important to find an education provider that is harnessing the latest methods in adult and continuing education. This includes ensuring that the service provider is using data-driven and evidence-based learning tools to enhance success and promote effective learning in their courses. Also be sure that your provider is up to date with the latest sector requirements. If you are working to up-skill your tax practitioner, it is important to know exactly what the state requirements are, what renewals are required, and what penalties you face if you don’t ensure those renewals.

Regardless of what sector you are in or where you are looking to grow the skills of your employees, spending time researching your education service provider is important. Know what you need and then find the perfect e-learning courses to fulfill those needs.

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