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Starrdata helps companies increase revenue and improve efficiency and productivity through the use of, Salesforce Chatter, and Starrdata brings more than 20 years of experience managing businesses and working with technical subject matter experts, to create results that recurrently satisfy our clients and allow them to more effectively run and understand their business.

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Our Work 

With Starrdata

Since 2010, we have worked with Starrdata and their founder Darren Starr to create new marketing and sales campaigns, increase Social Media presence, and facilitate strategic partnerships. This has included consulting with Starrdata to help them create new packages for their offerings and strengthen brand awareness for their support and implementation services. Consulting solutions range from the technical advise on Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) to the practical of attending industry conferences to meet with and build new partnerships. We continue to advise on best practices and strategic partnerships, and on hiring and onboarding of new employees. We continue to work with Starrdata to promote their business and generate new partnerships.



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