5 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales During COVID-19

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The first case of coronavirus in the U.S. was confirmed last month, and since then the restaurants and food businesses around the country have been affected in various ways. As the virus continues to spread, you will need to make changes to continue growing your business. Here are 5 ways your restaurant business can increase sales during the COVID-19 outbreak.

5 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

During the coronavirus outbreak, there are many restaurants that are closed or open for take out only. In the case that your restaurant is still open, here we offer restaurants 5 tips to help increase sales during this time.

1. Leverage Online Ordering

By being listed on online ordering apps such as Grubhub, Doordash, Chowly, and Postmates, you can capture orders from people who might otherwise not have known about the restaurant or that it takes orders online. During this outbreak when your restaurant is in low demand, these online ordering apps can be helpful in bringing in new customers who can become frequent, long-term customers.

2. Streamline your Menu

Take this time to simplify your menu. Studies show that customers prefer a simple single menu rather than having multiple menus depending on the time of the day. Also take this time to analyze your competitor and fix price points if needed. The more time a person has to spend looking through menus that have a higher price point, the more likely they are to move onto a competitor instead.

3. Offer Catering Services for Small Groups

While you may have offered catering services for large parties, now you can offer catering services for smaller groups. By creating a separate catering menu for smaller groups, it makes it easy for customers to order for their families. Adding a smaller catering menu for your restaurant location details helps direct toward the local market.

4. Promote Online Ordering Capabilities

When promoting the restaurant, make sure to include details on how to order food online. Nowadays, consumers mainly use online interface for customer services. Online ordering services are convenient. Through online ordering, customers can immediately see how far your restaurant is, how long the food will take, and the price point.

5. Build Up Social Media Presence

During this time, social media is flooded with anxiety and fear about the COVID-19. The last thing everyone needs to see is another post about the virus that will instill more fear. By building up your social media presence, you can use your platform to offer specials and updates on your business for users to see. It is a great way to promote your restaurant and make sure that your online ordering options are prominently displayed.

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