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Dublin Restaurant Marketing

A profitable Dublin restaurant marketing strategy is one that is reviewed and strengthened by a restaurant marketing expert like David Mitroff, Ph.D. to meet the demands of the San Francisco Bay Area restaurant marketplace. David Mitroff and his team of marketing experts apply Social Media Marketing, Customer Loyalty Programs and new technology to streamline restaurant operations. Regardless of your type of Dublin business, Piedmont Avenue Consulting and our team of marketing and business consultant experts are here. Contact Us today.

Restaurant Marketing Workshops in Dublin


Piedmont Avenue Consulting and David Mitroff, Ph.D. have an extensive background in restaurant business consulting and restaurant marketing. This includes Dr. Mitroff conducting and hosting several business networking and restaurant marketing workshops in and around Dublin, Danville and San Ramon such as a social media boot camp at Dublin Public Library and business expo and mixer at The Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon. To see a full list of upcoming events visit

Top Dublin Restaurants for Marketing Ideas


One of the best ways to improve your Restaurant Marketing is by reviewing other Dublin restaurants marketing presence. Some of the following restaurants are good examples: Amakara Sushi and Bar (, located at 7222 Regional St, Dublin, CA 94568, (925) 803-8485, is a traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Amakara takes flavors and ingredients from all over the world to create dishes that are uniquely Amakara. With welcoming and intimate atmosphere, you have the choice of sitting at the sushi bar or the dining room. Coco Cabana (, located at 4500 Tassajara Rd, Dublin, CA 94568, (925) 556-9055, specializes in modern Latin cuisine from all the Latin countries. With elegant atmosphere, you can enjoy delicious tapas with wine that everyone will love. Khyber Pass Kabob (, located at 7467 Village Pkwy, Dublin, CA 94568, (925) 828-6000, serves delicious Afghan food. In the restaurant, you’ll feel the authentic Afghan atmosphere. If you want some exotic cuisine in Bay Area, Khyber Pass Kabob is a must.

Dublin Restaurant Example

Improving your Restaurant Marketing efforts can be made easier by reviewing other Dublin restaurants marketing best practices. 

Take a look at this promotional video from McNamara’s (, a steak house with 15+ years of experience located in Dublin, California at 7400 San Ramon Rd, Dublin, CA 94568, (925) 241-4896. 


Looking for an expert for your Dublin Restaurant? Thinking of Opening a Business in Dublin?


Contact us today to schedule a free consulting session to review how we may be able to help. Piedmont Avenue Consulting is a San Francisco Bay Area based business development and marketing consulting firm who creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases lead generation through leveraging new technologies and streamlining business processes.

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David Mitroff, Ph.D. Business Consultant, Marketing Expert

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is a business consultant, marketing expert and keynote speaker who founded Piedmont Avenue Consulting (, where he advises on leveraging new technology to create brand awareness, strengthen loyalty and streamline processes with proven results.

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